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I am a Christian Writer and I am passionate about writing articles, books that are encouraging, challenging for brothers and sisters. I love to challenge as in our walk with God, we need constant challenge that our faith can go up higher and I love to see Christians rise up for more of God, and I focus on a practical 'love walk' as I see it as crucial part of being a Christian.

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New 'donation' email

03/04/2011 23:23
Hi friends, Just a current update from me, that I have relocated to live outside Australia and so my email for paypal has changed. Please if you feel led to donate money, please send to shemariah@ovi.com and thank you for your support. God bless! If you have a 'paypal' account, log on to your...


Please let me pray for you...

27/09/2010 17:38
Hi, if you are visiting my ebooks site, please don't hesitate to fill up the form, let me say thanks to you, and let me know who you are. Don't hesitate if you have any prayer requests. I am here to pray with you. God bless.


Hope 4 Change Ministries

27/09/2010 17:35
Please make sure you visit my ministries web site to share my passion. Visit my ministries' blog and refer to those who are struggling with homosexuality. Thank you and God bless you. https://hope4change.weebly.com/hope4change-blog.html


Check out "Free articles reading"

18/09/2010 16:47
I have posted some of my FREE articles for your enjoyment as well. FREE reading....If you feel like supporting me in my writing. Please do so, and I thank God for your donation. God bless you.


Rise Up - one of my articles appeared on THE VOICE Magazine!!

15/09/2010 20:05