God calls the Outcasts by names

18/09/2010 16:41

"Come here, Come here!" Somebody behind you calling...."Hey, don't try to avoid me, I know where you are heading...don't go there, but turn to me." Said a affirming voice. I felt so different after hearing that voice, I'd never experienced that kindness in that voice, all I heard is the 'teasing', 'mocking' voice.

I am not sure who is behind me, I do not dare to look at that, not sure where I would end up with, or someone was a pretense, pretending to be nice to me. I knew by heart, no one likes me or not to think someone would want to be my friend. Who is behind me? I do not dare to know, or well, I just keep on walking, heading to the way I want to go, there I think I find my safety zone, burying myself there and nobody can find me there. That I can finally find my relief, no mocking, no teasing there!

"I am calling out for you, you are loved." The voice kept following me....

Oh who is this. As I turned .....I did not look straight at that person, but.....something captured me, is that...I saw a man's hand extending toward me, he lays open his palm and look much like a 'welcoming' signal to me...Oh a hand open wide for me!! I have never seen such a hand opening wide for me like that.....I slowly and slowly look up....wondering who that was.....

"I am Jesus, I am the friend of the outcast, if you are one, then you can come to me." Said the gentle voice with an open hands.

I started to find my tears falling down on my cheek, I realized who He is, the one that I used to laugh about...I'd never thought that Jesus can remember such a 'me', an outcast!