Link Your Walk with God

18/09/2010 16:44

I was filled and I could not eat any I left the dish with some wraps on it, a turkey wraps. A hungry woman came over me and she was so ready to grab hold of the food I left on the plate, I knew what she's going to do, so I let she looked so hungry, longing for food.

I remembered right away what my friend's ministry is doing - He feeds the hungry every Thursday and not just that, but he provides bible studies too to the homeless. I could not remember the location, so I walked over to one of the member that she knows the location, when she saw someone at my table, eating my remaining food, she immediately shouted and stopped that hungry woman frome eating on my plate...then as a result, the hungry woman was in fear and so she ran away from the Wesley Mission building.

Here is an example for me to share with all of you, brothers and sisters. I am not using it for self-boasting. But do we realize that, sometimes we thought we have done some good for God, we ended up knowing we weren't.

I was so calm to explain to the other lady who shouted at the hungry woman, she meant well perhaps as she thought that woman was stealing my fact I permitted her from doing so.

But, what would you do in that situation? Would you drive her away, or draw her close to God by offering food to her?

In our daily walk, we need to be very careful on that, how we response to things. And especially we need to be mindful the way we treat outsiders.

In my walk with God, there were times I did much harm to the Kingdom of God. Then God in His mercy, convicted me of my sins, and I have to confess that and say sorry to God.

May we fill with His love daily. Remember who we are representing each day. God bless.