Pray with the assurance of 'forgiveness'

09/04/2011 18:03

When you feel wrongs in what you do,what would you do next,do you feel sorry for yourself,would you hate yourself,not liking yourself or what would you do to yourself?

Will you dare to go to God,just pouring out what is in your heart?I know that it wouldn't be an easy thing for anyone,when you knew in your heart what you have done to others,it might be some hurtful words you shouldn't have said,it just came out from your mouth,you found it hard to believe you have done it and it hurts you and others!

Yes,it can be real pain for you to admit your wrongs and you know by heart that nothing you can do to change the situation..

What to do about it?We have a High Priest the Bible tells us,we can and we should run to Him.Or have you been avoiding Him or have you been running towards His mercy seat...

When we feel the guilt in us,when we let the guilt remains in us,we feel condemned,powerless,aimless to do anything good,and we just don't know what God would think of us....

The guilty feeling,condemning feeling-they are not from God,our God is LOVE.If you feel condemned and well be wise and know that,the enemy is trying to condemn you,trying to separate you from receiving a touch from God. God is LOVE.

So lift up your heart in prayer,let your prayer be reached to the mercy seat,and receive His mercy,love and forgiveness.

Receive His mercy,receive His forgiveness today,go to Him and no more hiding!!

Be thankful and know that we pray not in our names but the name of Jesus,because only in Him that our sins can be broken,only in Him that we are forgiven.