Right Attitude

18/09/2010 16:45

The 'Right Attitude' we should all have, what do you think they supposed to be?

Have we maintained 'peace' towards outsider and also those who are our brothers and sisters? Have we found ourselves spreading poisons to the relationship? There are many ways to bleed quarrel among the Christian circle. You can gossip, You can use words to tear people down, create doubts among two peoples, separate friendship by our mouth.

A peacemaker is one whom love to maintain peace between one and the other. That he/she would do anything to stop others from quarreling, arguing over words or gossipping.

I thought of one thing to share...

How easy for Satan to destroy the family of God these days, how easy for Satan to separate friends and family. Either Satan irritated us by circumstances that causes us to lose our temper, to lose our 'love' for one another. Satan has many tactics to do that, Satan knows us better than ourselves. And Satan knows which button to press at the right time...If we are unaware of that, we can be his target at any time.

The 'Right Attitude' meant to be having the same attitude as Jesus does. Is Jesus a peacemaker, Is Jesus compassionate to others, Is Jesus patience towards others. We can say 'Yes' in unison.

Sometimes when we are not careful, not self-checking our daily walk with the Lord, if there's no confession, there's no prayers at all, then we are very likely to fall into the trap of Satan, easily offended, easily irritated, easily forgotten who we are in Christ - that we are NEW CREATION.

Satan can move one person in church to go and attack others, he can use that person like a robot, and he is the controller of that robot, we are a robot when we are not aware of Satan's scheme, and when he tells us something, we automatically believe in him. That's make us really like a robot, is it? If we are controlled by the Spirit of God, being alert at all times what Satan is trying to do to us, we will not be like a robot and let Satan uses us whatsoever he likes. We will not be in the enemies' camp to go attacking our brothers and sisters.

Good to meditate on it as it affects our daily walk with the Lord. God bless you.

Pray daily, confess our sins daily. Don't give Satan a stronghold in our lives.