Sweet Incense

18/09/2010 16:45

Are you offering the best you have, the best you can be to God? And like a sweet incense that your heartful prayers just touches the heart of God each morning. Are you making it your first priority to pray, to show your concern about the world, ask God to intervene in your daily circumstance, not just all about you but the world you live in?

A heartful prayers, not necessarily in tears and in sorrow, but a 'caring heart for others' is what God afters for your morning and evening. Some people might feel like weeping while they pray for others, they do it well with their hearts in the right place. Other people might not weep, but be sensitive in the Holy Spirit's leading, to pray for a certain people they have never known, they might pray for a stranger on the street, felt prompted to pray for them about certain things. Again, a 'caring' heart is what God after and also be obedient to His Holy Spirit.

A 'sweet incense', sweet aroma to our God. His Throne is up in Heaven, and we are on the Earth, and each day as we dedicate a time of prayer, our prayers will rise like the sweet aroma unto His Throne, meditate on that today and let your prayers make known to God, let your prayers today be ascended unto His Throne, that He will carry you through the day of worry and sorrow.

Are you worrying, being sorrowful about something - Pray to God for help. Are you very joyful today - Sing a song of praise to Him today and thank Him in prayers.

A heartful prayers is what touches God's heart. And as we pray to Him, remember He is still on the Throne, looking after all our needs.